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We believe that innovation and success are borne out of great relationships and working together in an open, honest and transparent manner. We hope that by sharing our news we will develop and grow our relationship with you and offer added value by sharing our experience and learning.

Our news is of our people, our high-profile projects and our professional affiliations. We would also love to interact with you through our facebook pages and twitter. We are particularly proud of the images of our projects, we hope you enjoy them too.

WM Longreach was employed by Tamworth Borough Council last December to dredge the Stoneydelph balancing pond.  Following a drying period we returned this June to remove the silt placed on the neighbouring field and restored the area, completing the job to a high standard and to the satisfaction of the client. 

WM Longreach has been promoting the "This is Civil Engineering..." campaign across a number of projects including the Chinese Bridge at Croome Park, Worcestershire this month.  A number of information days were held throughout the project where the public could come and speak with the team about the engineering works.

Having worked for the National Trust on several restoration projects at Capability Brown's Croome Park over the last 10 years, our work has now begun to re instate the Chinese Bridge.    Lost to rot and ruin by the mid 19th Century, the Chinese Bridge is being replicated with the help of the GOCC and repositioned over the artificial River Croome. 

Improvements to the wetland areas and wildlife ponds were completed for the Welney Wetland Trust as part of their planned maintenance works.  Working closely with the Client team, a small machine on rubber tracks and extra long reach was used to minimise the impact on the adjacent land.

Through specialist plan hire business the company was asked to supply equipment for the winter maintenance of the pools at West Mindlands Safari Park.  Working with their Contractor, a machine on the floating pontoon was used to remove silt and a second long reach excavator loaded a series of dumptrucks.  The company was involved with the previous clean up of the Hippo Pools in 2005.

The improvements we recently carried out to the nature reserve at Upton Warren have resulted in the return of the rare Bittern.  Shortly after the pool maintenance and creation of a new channel for the birds, the Bittern was spotted at the site.  A birdwatcher reported that it was the first sighting for several years.

04 December 2014

Making Space for Water

During December the restoration of the balancing pond at Stoneydelph commenced for Tamworth Borough Council.  The pond was drained down and over 5000 tonnes of silt was removed.  Surveys included the monitoring of water quality to demonstrate improvements to the watercourse.  Communication with local residents was key to the success of the project.

During the summer maintenance season the Company used its long reach excavators with weed cutting baskets to remove weed from the watercourses in Somerset.  The Environment Agency is committed to maintaining watercourses and operates a cyclic programme to remove weed and debris that can restrict flow in the main channels.

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