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We believe that innovation and success are borne out of great relationships and working together in an open, honest and transparent manner. We hope that by sharing our news we will develop and grow our relationship with you and offer added value by sharing our experience and learning.

Our news is of our people, our high-profile projects and our professional affiliations. We would also love to interact with you through our facebook pages and twitter. We are particularly proud of the images of our projects, we hope you enjoy them too.

The 4 new wetland pools, 2 wetland scrapes, footpaths and boardwalks WM Longreach are creating to enhance the visitor experience as well as environment and ecology at Bramshot Farm Country Park are taking shape.

Works involving the construction of an access road and local silt removal commenced this month on enabling works as part of the larger restoration project planned for late 2021.

Despite wettest winter in 30 years works have been progressing well on this important lowland bog restoration scheme, with the completion of 400m of culvert works as well as, to date, 1km of the open channel works.

20 January 2021

Newt Habitat Creation

Pond creation and hibernacula constructed as part of the Strategic Newt Licencing Scheme to conserve and offer safe habitat for protected species working with Telford & Wrekin Council.

WM Longreach have been awarded the tender to repair the Lower Lake dam crest and spillway; and to carry out preliminary desilting work at the Upper Lake at Newton Park Lake, part of another magnificent, historical Capability Brown landscape

WM Longreach’s returned to Cholsey & Wallingford Railway station this month to assist with final touches to the canopy columns and site reinstatement, completing its restoration.  

As part of the Marches BogLIFE project WM Longreach are working with the Natural England on a drain diversion project, aiming to regain control of the hydrology and help the bog regenerate.

23 October 2020

Newport Canal SSSI

With Phase 1 completed October 2019 WM Longreach’s return for phase 2 will complete the Newport Recovery Project protecting rare aquatic plants.  

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