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ICE West Mids Awards 2022

Winner 2 Awards - Sustainability Award and Overall Top Regional Civil Engineering Project

With over 96 per cent of the UK’s peatbogs destroyed, the BogLIFE Project is vital for the restoration of 665 hectares of the Mosses to improve their habitat and valuable eco-systems. The drainage diversion and innovative water control techniques will help prevent flooding downstream by allowing the natural rainwater balance to keep the peat wet and reducing run-off; this scheme is also crucial for capturing CO2 – a large contributor to global warming.

The judges agreed that the BogLIFE project was an exemplar in terms of sustainability and planning for the future, and it fully deserved the accolade of overall winner.

After hundreds of years of exploitation, no one in the UK has ever tried to restore bog edge habitat on this scale. As well as being environmentally sustainable, the project will also help the local economy by attracting visitors to the area, encouraging volunteer involvement and providing education opportunities.

Commenting, ICE East and West Midlands Regional Director, Jo Barnett, said: “A truly worthy winner of both our sustainability award and overall project award this year. Many congratulations to WM Longreach, Natural England, Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Brian Killingworth, WSP and RAB Consultants.